The DK Mark-II

DK Mark-II is a monster found in the Forest of Life. They look almost exactly like DK Mark-I, except for the fact that DK Mark-II appears to have moss covering it. Mark-II is a more speedy version than Mark-I, making it quite tedious.

It is said that Lord Perseo dispatched these to the Forest of Life to protect Gaia, unbeknownst to her, and are programmed to deem everything hostile. This probably explains why they attack the Chase. This also suggests that Perseo is capable of developing mechanical beings.


DK Mark-II has only three attacks, one that Mark-I didn't have. The first is where it will shoot out a blue orb that will follow players until it either hits them, or the player doesn't get hit after awhile, and it can't be destroyed by shooting or hitting it. The second is where it will shoot a single orb opposed to the first model's 3, which can shoot through players.
Unlike the previous model, it will thrust its mechanical arm out and spin it, creating a shockwave that damages nearby players. This supposedly replaces the Shock Field the first model had.

It also has one healing move, where it will heal itself for a portion of health. Also, DK Mark-II is capable of summoning one Decoy.

Upon death, the DK Mark-II will explode, similar to the DK Mark-I.

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