A Cursed Cairn Stone

Cursed Cairn Stones (Mana Stone in foreign, and referred as the MP Eater Stick by players) are unique to Valstrath. They have the ability to control the essence of Mana.

The Cairn Stones are stationary monsters that do not attack; instead they drain the MP of players standing within the blue aura. As it is considered a monster, players needs to destroy the Stone (or Stones) to move on to the next stage. Once the stone is destroyed, it leaves behind a blue sphere that lasts for a couple seconds before disappearing. Touching the sphere will restore approximately one bar of MP.

Cairn Stones may have offensive or defensive properties despite being unable to move or attack. However, the MP draining aura is able to inflict statuses from the Cursing, Freezing, or Petrifying properties. This can be dangerous as a player may become "stuck" once inflicted with Freeze or Petrify in this manner.


  • There are Weapons modeled after the Cairn Stone.
  • There are also accessories of different-rank Cairn Stones.
  • Despite that this monster is "obsolete" like the Pumpkin Head, it in fact, still needs to be "cured" to progress.

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