Harpy Queen's Chaos Orb

Chaos Orbs are orbs that contain a boss's sealed powers. They are used to create runes and certain pets. All bosses, with the exceptions of Treant, Wendy, Octus, and Lenasian, drop a chaos orb randomly upon defeat. Chaos Orbs can be obtained on any difficulty, although they drop more frequently on 3 Stars and Champion Mode. As of Chaos, Chaos Orbs no longer drop from bosses.

Note: These orbs no longer drop, since runes have been replaced with the reinforcement system.

Chaos Orb ImagesEdit

Bermesiah Chaos OrbsEdit

Giant Drillmon Chaos Orb Elizabeth Chaos Orb Lich Chaos Orb Paradom Chaos Orb Gaikoz Chaos Orb

Silver Land Chaos OrbsEdit


Ellia Chaos OrbsEdit

Gardosen Chaos Orb Kazeaze Chaos Orb Cyclops Chaos Orb Giant Stone Golem Chaos Orb Dark Anmon Chaos Orb

Alcubra Chaos OrbsEdit


Xenia Chaos OrbsEdit


Archimedia Chaos OrbsEdit


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