Casey Bones (also known as Engineer Pipe Jack) is the boss of the Monster Train 301. He is a conductor who ferries souls to the Underworld, and has lead the Monster Train 301 for centuries. Casey Bones is encountered when the Grand Chase reach the engine room in a futile search for the soul of their lost friend, Harpe. Though initially amused by their proposal, he offers them a trade of their souls for Harpe's and engages them in battle.

After his defeat, the train's automatic defense system is activated and Casey Bones is swallowed up by the berserk Death Furnace 301. It is not know what happens to him afterwards, though Jin claims to still feel his aura.


Casey Bones's basic attack is to punch the floor two times, knocking up the player, before a third punch while still in mid-air sends the player flying. He is also able to procure a Mocking Blade-like aura that damages nearby players.

Casey Bones may also pull on a cord that causes steam to erupt from several vents above the map. This attack is signaled by a train's whistle and some vents spouting harmless steam. After a few seconds, the steam fully erupts into a vertical column downwards and deals a heavy damage over time to any player caught in the attack. This attack also inflicts the haste status to those caught in the steam.

He will occasionally summon two Monster Train Security Personnel and a Monster Train Attendant to aid him in battle, or six Mournful Passengers that will lock onto and chase after players, exploding after a short delay once they have successfully reached their target, or if the target evades them for a long enough time. The Mournful Passengers will also explode if they are hit.

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