A Regular Slime

A Slime is a basic monster in the Bermesiah Continent, and there are four species of Slimes: Regular, Blue, Red, and Swamp.

In Season 2, there were originally only two types of Slimes.

There are two pet Slimes, the Slime and the Golden Slime.


They attack by tackling the player. This attack might not sound like much, but if it hits the player, they will be thrown across the room. They usually go in a ready stance before leaping.

Red Slime can create an AoE flame on the ground. The Green one creates a toxic explosion when killed.




  • There was a type of Slime called the Swamp Slime that appeared in the Marsh of Oblivion, but was written out and replaced by the Green Slime in Season 3.

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