The Black Fairy Queen


The Black Fairy Queen is the boss for Ruins of the Silver Knights and a mini-boss at the Battle for Bermesiah if players take the left path.

The Black Fairy Queen is first seen in Ruins of the Silver Knights, whereas Jin is trying to flee from her. After he saves Elesis from a Undead Fighter, the Queen shows up. Jin tells the Chase that she was the cause of the Silver Knights's destruction, and then made them into living bones. He then requests that they distract the Queen while he generates his Chi.
After the queen was defeated, she immediately revitalizes herself and mocks the Grand Chase. Jin is fully prepared, and then fires an enormous attack that blinds everything in white. When it comes to, the Fairy got away, barely alive.
She is mentioned in Victor's Fortress, whereas Elesis claims that while Jin's attack could have killed her, it would possibly do the same to Victor.
The Black Fairy Queen retreats to Battle for Bermesiah, now serving under Dark Anmon. Even though she has grown in strength, she realizes that Jin has also made more allies. The Black Fairy Queen is finally defeated once and for all.


The Black Fairy Queen has quite similar attacks to Elena: blowing air that freezes players and creating a thorn of ice, both of which can be dodged by jumping to a different platform. She can create a falling meteor that, if at low health, can kill players. However, it can be easily dodged by dashing in her direction, out of the way. Players have to watch her movements to predict attacks, and often when she teleports she will attack immediately after.

In Ruins of the Silver Knights, she can summon up to two Undead Fighters.


  • The Black Fairy Queen is strongly related to the Blue Fairy and the Blue Pixie pets, along with the Violet Fairy and the Violet Pixie creatures. However, the Black Fairy is supposed to bring bad luck unlike the other colors.

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