Bedeviled Box R

Bedeviled Boxes resemble chinese traditional lamp posts and provide various buffs to monsters in the perimeter of its aura. There are several variations of the bedeviled box, each with its own attack, buff, and colors.


Depending on the type of buff that particular bedeviled box provides, it will have a corresponding attack.

Bedeviled Box Atk (Red): Releases a fireball that explodes on hit or after a short time and leaves a trail of fire on the ground that causes damage over time. It increases the attack of monsters in its aura.

Bedeviled Box Armor (Yellow): Releases a spark bolt that causes a thundershock effect similar to Wicked Kamiki's lightning attack, inflicting damage and paralysis every few seconds. It increases the armor of monsters in its aura.

Bedeviled Box HP (Green): Releases a green, gooey ball that explodes on hit, preventing walking and running and causing a significant haste effect. It provides HP Recovery to monsters in its aura.

Bedeviled Box Def (Blue): Releases a light blue sphere that drains the victim's mana on hit. It increases the defense of monsters in its aura.

Bedeviled Box Sp.Def (Black): Releases a sphere of dark energy that inflicts the curse status on the victim. It increases the special defense of monsters in its aura.

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