Audrey (Antoinette in foreign) is the boss of Primeval Island. It is a giant flower with her eye in the middle.

Jin says that Audrey had been infected by evil and had mutated. Thus, she had gone over and started polluting Primeval Island.


Audrey is capable of spawning four Audrey Seedling to assist in battle. She can also lash her vines and her spiky mouths, knocking players away. She will also shake about and cause a powerful knockback effect to players nearby, causing them to be pushed against the wall. She will also make a Jump attack in which she flies to the air and then lands but in the same spot, yet rarely uses this often. Audrey can create darkish-colored poison, which is also has Haste effects intoxicated within.

Audrey can be somewhat "knocked down" after several attacks, but will rise up immediately.


  • Although plants are technically specified as genderless, the dialogue calls it a "she".
  • Interestingly enough, Audrey will not jump normally if a player is on a higher platform which is unreachable. Instead, she will perform the "Jump" attack, which in fact, causes her to jump.
  • The name of this boss is a parody, referring to Audrey Jr., a mysterious plant that feeds off of human flesh and blood, from The Little Shop of Horrors.

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