Game Start

"May the best man win."
"One needs to fully understand the problem in order to find a resolution."
"Shall I make a full display of my talents?"


"Razor Air Kick!"
"Bamboo Swallows!"
"Eastern Rain!"
"Liquid Jade!"
"Circling the Heavens!"
"Striking Snake Onslaught!"
"Smashing Hands!"
"Chaotic Storm!"
"Shaolin Meteor Kick!"
"Dragon Scales!"


"Is it really over?"
"That's it? I haven't even started yet..."
"Hahaha! How stupid."


"Graggh. I'm beginning to enjoy this."
"Hraggh! You just got lucky there."



Game End

"Oh my...just when I thought we were getting warmed up."
"Seems like...there's no use for you anymore."
"You're weaker than I thought."

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