Aron Armor Set - Required Lv. 63

Pieces to the Aron Armor Set can be obtained by running the Wyrm's Maw, Altar of Judgement, or by crafting. Crafted pieces can be made as either Rare or Epic grade. Dungeons may drop either grade. The corresponding weapon for this set is Sethek. Base stats will vary, according to character.

This armor set is rare, and grants each character bonuses for having four or more pieces equipped at once.

  • 4 Piece Bonus - Exp +16.60%
Aron armor Elesis

Full Aron armor set for Elesis

  • 5 Piece Bonus - GP +26.60%
  • 6 Piece Bonus - Critical Attack Chance +3.24%
  • 7 Piece Bonus - HP Recovery +11.00% and MP Recovery +11.00%


Once worn by Aron the Invincible Thunder Bolt, captain of the guard of the Altar of Judgement.Wearing this makes you feel invincible.


  • Amy
  1. Helmet: Defense 510
  2. Upper Armor: Defense 595
  3. Lower Armor: Defense 595
  4. Gloves: Attack 1020
  5. Boots: Vitality 680
  6. Cloak: Vitality
  7. Weapon: Attack 2380

Stats and description of Aron Shoes

  • Arme
  1. Helmet: Defense 459
  2. Upper Armor: Defense 536
  3. Lower Armor: Defense 536
  4. Gloves: Attack 1190
  5. Boots: Vitality 680
  6. Cloak: Vitality
  7. Weapon: Attack 2380
  • Rufus
  1. Helmet: Defense 612
  2. Upper Armor: Defense 714
  3. Lower Armor: Defense 714
  4. Gloves: Attack 850
  5. Boots: Vitality 510
  6. Cloak: Vitality
  7. Weapon: Attack 2380


  • This Armor set is modeled after Aron, the mini boss of the Altar of Judgment.


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