Aron, Guardian the Goddess of Judgment

Aron (aka Shark Aron), the Invincible Thunder Bolt, is the mini-boss of the Altar of Judgement. He is a pink orcish giant that rides on some type of an ice boar, and gets into the way of Grand Chase when they wish to meet with Yamini, who has said that no outsiders may enter.

One of each foe within the dungeon (Icefang, Endarion, and Ice Wyrm Spawn) accompanies Aron in the fight.


Aron commonly uses his lance to attack, usually swinging it three times in succession, which knocks players into the air. He has a jump attack, where his boar leaps into the air and lands heavily, usually four times in rapid succession, oftentimes chasing a player. He can also use a move that is similar to the Battle Mage's Freezing Spear skill, yet has more vertical height. Sometimes, he may command his boar to charge.


  • Aron has Armor modeled after himself.
  • In GCPH, his name is Shark Aron.
  • Aron's Armor nicknames him the Invincible Thunder Bolt.
  • Arawn, the boss of Thunder Hammer and king of Dwarves, has a foreign name called "Aron".

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