Game Start

"Hey! Let's take it easy!"
"Don't come crying to me later!"

When Idle

"The holy light will lead us!"

When Attacking

"Fire Bolt!"


"Stone Curse!"
"Death Cloud!"
"Lightning Bolt!"
"Hall of Darkness!"
"Fire Storm!"
"Shining Arrow!"
"Land Scamper!"
"Athena's Sword!"
"Boost Heal!"
"Electric Spark!"
"Booby Trap!"
"Giant Punch!"
"Cloud Kill!"
"Big Bomb!"
"Death Field!"
"Fire Ring!"
"Chain Rush!"
"Fire Bust!"
"Shockwave Force!"
"Deep Impact!"
"Ice Ball!"
"Freezing Spear!"
"Air Blast!"
"The End!"


"Aren't I cute? Ehehehe~"
"Well, you don't match me~"


"It was dangerous... So dangerous..."

Game End

"This is the end of the line for you!"
"Yahoo! Hahaha! I won!"
"Is that all?"

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