Aranya (mistranslated as Hatshepsut in a quest) is an ant-like queen living in the Underpass of Lost Hope. She accuses the Chase of stealing her eggs while they try to pass. She only gives them one ticket out: death.


Aranya has only a few attacks. Firstly, she can make two frontal swipes. She may stomp the ground, where rocks on each side of her will fall. The last attack is where she can create a Lightning Bolt effect in a diagonal formation. She may summon any Underpass Hugates at will.

Beware of destroying her eggs. If one of them die, they will enrage Aranya, and enhance her Attack, Defense, and Vitality, making her stronger and more aggressive.
The eggs, in fact, do not actually need to be destroyed to enhance her abilities. If she takes enough damage, she will absorb their essences and strengthen herself. In order to counteract this, Aranya must receive some damage to eliminate her concentration, and thus, leaving the egg alone.

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