• Amy is defined as "pretty" by most of the male characters (not counting Jin).
  • Although Jin did admit he has feelings for her, it is unknown how she responds to it. There may have actually been a relationship between the two long ago, since Jin stated that he had once loved someone.
  • Amy is No. 12 of the Twelve Disciples, serving as an oracle who knew about a foretold prophecy involving the disciples.
    • According to a Brazilian article, Amy went to report the prophecy to the Grand Chase, however they did not listen to her as a magic warrior told them that there was a traitor amongst the group and that traitor would be capable of receiving prophecies and divine messages. However, it is unknown if Amy is actually the traitor.


  • The Elsword character Aisha, upon advancing to Dimension Witch, gains an idol-like attire and attitude similar to Amy's.
  • Currently, Amy is the youngest character. However, Lass is a "child", implying that he is less than thirteen, and by technical terms he would be the youngest. However, Lass doesn't have a specific known age, and therefore, Amy is the youngest by default.
  • It isn't specified how Amy became an Oracle, despite being so young; it is usually an adult who channels with Gods.
  • Despite her age, Amy is extremely immature, and almost has twice the immaturity than Arme does, who is one year older. However, fourteen years old is just the second start of teenage life so it would make sense for Amy to be wailing like a child.
  • It seems that Amy is a boxer, as many of her quotes specify this type of combat.
  • With the Dancer's skill tree, Amy's combo can become Capoeira-style, which combines elements of martial arts, dance, and music.
  • Amy, along with Sieghart and Mari, are the only characters to have their own custom expressions.
    • In Sieghart's case, his Leap causes players that he jumps on to have an expression.
    • In Mari`s case, Polaris` grab is the only thing for her that causes players to have an expression.
  • Amy is the only female character to have a full two set skill bar for all of her jobs.
  • A character named Crim Plie from the game Kurtzpel, another game owned by KOG, extremely resembles Amy and they both have the same surnames.