Game Start

"Hi! I'm Amy!"
"Everyone will want you if you're with me!"
"You know I'm cute!"
"A fateful battle determined by the gods!"
"I'll bet my popularity on it! It's showtime!"
"Start the match!"
"It's Amy's fanclub!"

When Attacking

"Shock Rock!"
"Heart Crusher!"
"Take that!"
"Hai ya!"


"Shy Shy Punch!"
"Dance Fever!"
"Loving You!"
"Spinning Counter!"
"Ditzy Rush!"
"Amy Kick!"
"Dance With Me!"
"Twist Revenge!"
"Pop Rocks!"
"Curtain Call!"
"Flying Spin!"
"Sweeping Crush!"
"Amy Kick!"
"Empress Waltz!"
"Pretty Virus!"
"Center Stage!"
"Fly High!"
"Super Star!"
"Triple Counter!"
"Tears of the Goddess!"
"Lovely Amy!"
"Jack Knife!"
"Bomber Girl!"
"Dancing By Lemos!"
"Elegant Flow!"


"La la la la la la~"
"A little love or maybe some affection~"
"Hmm, does it hurt? Does it?"
"Wow! You're so weak!"
"Eh? Just stay down!"
"It's like fighting a teddy bear!"
"That's right! You're about to get knocked down."


"I surrender!"
"Argh! You won't get away with this!"
"Ugh! Did you just hit a girl?"


"That hurts..."

Game End

"One, two, three. Ding! Ding! Ding! Get up!"
"Next time, we'll be friends! Mmhmhahaha!"
"Amy's grand finale!"
"You shouldn't be so rough with a cute girl!"
"Every rose has its thorn."