Alfred is one of Dio's two butlers, the other being Sebastian.

Alfred appears to be extremely loyal to Dio, but does show a bit of concern of course. During the events of Victor's Fortress, Dio demanded that they "leave" their own dimension and Alfred seemingly obeyed. He is listed as one of Dio's likes, so it may be that he sees Alfred as a close friend or even a father of some sorts.

The Drakar himself has a taunt where he tells Alfred to "throw out the trash".

Ley as Dark Matriarch can summon Alfred to fight for her when using Jeeves skills when Jeeves is already summoned on the battlefield, despite being a loyalist of Dio. This Alfred has a paper bag over his head, but Ley's expression when summoning him as well as the horns poking out of his head indicate that the Jeeves masquerade is Alfred.

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